2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Games and Strategies

2nd Grade Reading

Many students have a little trouble learning to read, but the bigger problem seems to lie with the comprehension part. If students do not understand what they are reading, it makes reading almost pointless. It can be fun to help your child or student learn to understand what they are reading better if you know some good tricks to use. Here are some ideas that are not only tried and true, but fun as well.
2nd grade reading strategies

2nd Graders Need to Have Fun When They’re Learning

This is the most important rule when parenting a second grader. It can be very difficult to intertwine education and fun but in 2nd grade it’s completely possible. Think about what your child really loves. Your children will usually make it very loud and clear on what they love. It might be music, it might be cars, it might be sports. Once you can really discover that love roll with it and don’t back down. Really think it out, research the books that might be relevant to those industries. These books will increase a childs reading comprehension.
second grade reader

Games, Games, and More Games!

What does this mean? Games seriously? Yes! This is all about adding to the fun. Get a few of the childs friends together, develop a dictionary game. Offer rewards, pull out the paper. Make them guess what a word means. If they can get it right give them a prize. What you’re doing is making them become more familiar with words. Any game like catch phrase will also work because you’re helping the child become more familiar with words. Words are so important when it comes to comprehension! If you move away from words or content you really wont increase the reading comprehension of your second grader. Shrades is another game that can work when it comes to increasing the comprehension.

The Two Pillars Of Reading Comprehension

The first pillar is just learning how to read. If a child knows how to read they will do very well with practice on increasing the reading comprehension. Reading alone is so vital, it’s the foundation to all knowledge. The second pillar of reading comprehension is knowing and understanding the words, understanding the definition of the word and being able to register the definition of the word quickly. This is where flash card games can really increase a childs reading comprehension rate. If a child can blast through definitions super fast, it will increase the reading comprehension when they’re reading away. Once you get deep into speed flash card practicing strategies the child will learn to process the definition very rapidly when they have the practice with flash cards. 2nd grade reading comprehension

Practice Reading and Practice Every Night

Reading doesn’t come over night for children it takes years of practice. If you develop a habit with your child to practice every single night the child will really develop incredible reading habits. Nightly practice is the key ingredient to all reading success, the younger you start the practice the better. Even if you don’t see or think your child is progressing, they are and that’s the incredible beauty with reading comprehension. The nightly practice with flashcard games, and definition games will start working miracles within the childs brain.

Act It Out

Teaching children that they are going to have to reenact the story gives them motivation to try to pay attention to the story line. By acting out each sentence or dissecting the story sentence by sentence, it makes the story much more exciting. Something that will take this to the next level is by simply adding costumes as part of the gig.

Draw It Out

The higher the level of reading becomes, the less pictures there are in the book. When this becomes a problem, one great tactic is to have the child read a paragraph and then draw an illustration to match. The best thing about this is that they get to use their creative side as well.

Talk It Out

The most common strategy used to teach and test comprehension is by asking specific questions after the story is finished. Having the child retell the story in their own words is very common and helpful. If a child is prepared or knows that they will have to retell it, they will try and pay more attention rather than going through the motions of reading. Having quizzes after is an easy way that a parent can jump right in and help.

Play It Out

If you really want to utilize technology, it is really easy to get help with this major tool. There are plenty of ways that this can be a helpful strategy. One popular way is by using the internet to find some sites that promote reading skills and reading comprehension. Through games and quizzes children use this familiar, fun way to get help they need without even realizing it.

Test Different Strategies Out

As a parent don’t ever be afraid to test and test and test new games and strategies. That test might be to get your child to read the bible nightly, or it might be to get them to play a new game every night. The biggest point is to never fear new tactics and games. If they don’t work or if your child wants nothing to do with them, it really is no big deal! Never give up! You got this! Good Luck Parents! and if you need more help StudyDog has the ultimate reading comprehension software to help you!

Another popular form of technology play is by using tablets or iPads. There are many apps that can be purchased that can help as well. The way that these apps help is through reading stories to the child and then asking questions after. The child usually taps on the answer and gets some sort of immediate validation when they select correctly.
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