StudyDog: The Perfect Homeschool Reading Companion

Imagine—your child learning how to read faster than ever at home and enjoying every minute. That's exactly what they get with StudyDog. When it comes to a reading program online, the lessons in the Adventures in Reading series have been designed to adjust and work with each child's individual needs. It's like having your own teacher's assistant at your fingertips.

Adventures in Reading covers all five key areas of reading comprehension to get your child on the road to reading success.

• Phonemic awareness
• Phonics
• Fluency
• Vocabulary
• Comprehension
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What Any Homeschool Curriculum Needs - Effective Learning
To effectively teach kids how to read online you need a proven solution. As a homeschooler you need to be sure what you put in front of your child really works. There is no doubt about it with StudyDog. The Adventures in Reading series is an effective, interactive supplemental reading program designed for kids 5-8 years old that align with state reading standards and the guidelines of both the National Reading Panel and Reading First.
From the get-go kids need to know Phonics and the 9 critical Reading Skills. StudyDog encourages them to try—and always acknowledges their successes along the way. Watch as StudyDog turns even struggling readers into masters, with lessons designed just for them—and then coaching them along the way, all automatically.
There are 3,000 schools already nationwide that use StudyDog—and teachers rave about it. Kids are engaged right from the get go and stay engage while they learn. Homeschools can benefit from StudyDog's online reading program too.
You'll be impressed with how quickly they learn to read. And if you're not 100% satisfied with the progress they make, we'll give you a 100% refund.
Mastery is all about "getting it." StudyDog kids do.