The Most Advanced Methods to Teach Phonics & Reading

StudyDog goes beyond just phonics.

The most recent research shows phonics is just one aspect of learning to read. StudyDog Adventures in Reading covers all 5 key areas of reading comprehension to get your child on the road to reading success.

• Phonemic awareness
• Phonics
• Fluency
• Vocabulary
• Comprehension

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Why is phonics better with StudyDog?
For sure, phonics is an important part of learning to read. But it's also the most difficult part for children to master. No other program makes it easier than StudyDog. Kids are engaged right from the get go and stay engage while they learn phonics.
At the Kindergarten reading level, Phonics and 9 other critical reading skills are covered. StudyDog encourages them to try—and always acknowledges their successes along the way.
Is your child at the first grade reading level? StudyDog continues to reinforce the 5 key areas covered in the Kindergarten reading lessons and then coaching them along the way, all automatically.
For kids at the second grade reading level, StudyDog helps even struggling readers master the primary reading skills. Which is extremely important at this critical stage.
Kids at the third grade reading level need a solid foundation of reading skills. With StudyDog's unique ability to adapt to their needs, they can overcome previous obstacles.
You'll be impressed with how quickly they learn to read. And if you're not 100% satisfied with the progress they make, we'll give you a 100% refund.
Mastery is all about "getting it." StudyDog kids do.